Submitting Your Concept for a Pitch


How it works:


1. Name of the Pitch & Company Name

Please insert the name of the pitch & company name, which is carrying out the pitch. This is relevant, as we need to assign your concept.All current pitches on the site can be seen here.

2. Your Concept

Now it´s your turn to create the concept according to the given pitch. You can simply paste the URL of your show-reel or mood video inside the content-box “Your Concept”.

Example:”” or ““.

If you like to present some sound moods, you can share a soundcloud by simpy pasting a link.


Please insert the URL without any quotation marks, otherwise the content won´t show up.

3. The Deadline

Once the deadline for submission is over (usually 1 month after the Pitch is live on our site or for big video-campaigns the deadline can be longer) the company will review the concepts and the final winner will be informed by the company. The concrete deadline is given within the pitch.

4. Let’s get started.

Please play fair and only submit the pitch via our site and only submit material that is created by you or that you have been allowed to submit. So let´s start with the concept and good luck!


The name of the pitch and the name of the company, which is submitting. Example:" The new Product / Company Ltd."
Now it´s your turn to create the concept according to the given pitch.
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