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Misha Shyukinshyscapes
the new filmmaker: What is the idea, story and visual concept behind your short film “shyscapes” ?
Misha Shyukin : shyscapes was was an experimental art short, i tryed really hard not to make any concepts or plan things in advance. i just tried to visualize what seemed to fit to the music.
tnf: How was the creative process working on your film? How did you develop the ideas for the film and what are the sources/inspirations? Were you inspired by Nils Frahm or did you choose his work “Tristana” later?
Misha Shyukin : i first started with some basic software experiments, like simulating the sea surface, but only after i decided to use nils’ music i was starting to build the scenes and could create the whole atmosphere of the video.
tnf: Why did you choose in “shyscapes” to mix/connect elements of nature with geometrical elements?
Misha Shyukin : i really don’t know. everybody is asking me that 🙂 it just felt right at the moment.
tnf: The film was a B.A. project at the FH Aachen in Germany. What tasks and goals were set by your professor Prof. Michael Brucherseifer or did you create your film fully “independent with artistic freedom”?
Misha Shyukin : there were no tasks or goals, they just give you 4 months time to come up with something cool. at least it was like that in my case, depends on the professor you have.
tnf: Did you shoot at real locations or did you use stock-material (photos, videos ect.)?
Misha Shyukin : I did not shoot anything. Used some stock for the skies in some scenes, but the rest was all 3D.
tnf: Since several years you are experimenting with “sound-reactivness”. Can you tell us about your experiences and what kind of software do you use?
Misha Shyukin : mostly i’m using cinema 4d and after effects for my stuff but i’m always open to try anything new.
tnf: “shyscapes” is a film, which you did at film school / university. You are studying Design at the FH Aachen in Germany. Can you give us an introduction to this school and could you please tell us about your time there?
Misha Shyukin : the fh-aachen is more f a traditinal graphic design place, if you’re into print stuff you’ll have really fun there, video and animation is more the alternative there, but they still have some cool profs in that area.
tnf: There are different ways of filmmaking and films. Feature films, documentary films, animations ect. Why did you choose to do animations?
Misha Shyukin : i don’t really see myself as a filmmaker, i mostly just experiment around with the software i got and try to make something look nice 🙂 i guess animation is the easiest way for me, you don’t have to buy lots of equipment and stuff.
tnf: In film genres there are developments and trends. What kind of developments and trends do you see for the animation film world and what kind of new “filmmaking spirit” do you bring to this genre?
Misha Shyukin : as i said, i’m not really a film maker, more a motion graphics 3d guy. i think that (at least in my area) there is big tendency to generative video.
tnf: Who influenced your way of filmmaking? Do you have favourite film directors, animation artists or fine artists?
Misha Shyukin : i’m a big fan of everything michael young from ywft does, and all the stuff from england based universal everything is great as well.
tnf:What would be your advice for a first time filmmaker?
Misha Shyukin : less planing and thinking stuff out and more doing.
tnf: What is your dream, related to filmmaking?
Misha Shyukin :maybe getting a job in the art scene, making video stuff for museums or so, that would be probably cool 🙂

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