TNF PRESENTS. Poppy de Villeneuve “Love is Like Life but Longer” (interview part 1)

Poppy de VilleneuveLove is Like Life but Longer
maja@tnf: How did your adventure with filmmaking start? What’s your artist’s statement and motivation for making films?
Poppy de Villeneuve: In a way my personal film making adventure began when I was a child and would sit with my mother watching television shows like Twin Peaks & Northern Exposure and films like Paris, Texas. She had (still has) a great archive of inspiring things and my parents encouraged me to freely express myself through stories and visuals. After working eight years as a photographer, I felt I had the backbone to start bringing my narratives alive, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years.
maja@tnf: What’s the story behind the film of yours we featured? What was the inspiration for your film? Who or what do you credit influencing you?

Poppy de Villeneuve: I approached the Morgans’s hotel group as I had wanted to do a story in a hotel and had worked with them previously and knew they were open to creative projects.

The story was then adapted from one of Simon Van Booy’s short stories. I was then lucky enough to get the great actors Jeremy Strong, Maya Kazan and Joan Copeland. We made the whole film in two weeks from writing the story to having the finished film on the desk, which was a real achievement.

I was inspired by the idea of strangers and hotels and the sense of being in a transient moment and also the idea that you never know what is around the corner. Both main characters have to let go of the past and take a leap into the unknown, I have to remind myself of that everyday. I was then inspired afresh by the actors as they saw the characters in a new way and brought things to life for me..

maja@tnf: A few details about your film studies/education and/or workshops each of you attended:
Poppy de Villeneuve: I studied photography at university and the rest of my education has come from attending lots of movies, reading books and talking to people I admire, friends like Andrew Birkin, who directed The Cement Garden, and Mike Figgis, director of Leaving Las Vegas. For me, it is most helpful being able to talk about work, my ideas and how to achieve things. I am also a big fan of Joseph Campbell whose work has been hugely influential. I think finding like-minded people to inspire you and hopefully work with is most educational.
maja@tnf: Recognition your film received and/or its most important screenings: Your forthcoming efforts:
Poppy de Villeneuve: This year I was part of the new directors program and my short “Love is Like Life but Longer” was shown at the Directors Guild of America. I am working on a project with RayBan called Raw Sound that will be an iPad app coming out in the fall. Along with writer Katie Bender, I have the script ready for my first feature, so am making tweaks on that and hoping to start production towards the end of this year. Hopefully some new exciting things will happen soon, too!

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