TNF PRESENTS. Temujin Doran: Videos about Ben Saunders (interview part 1)

Temujin DoranBen Saunders: Resolute Bay
maja@tnf: How did your adventure with film-making start? What’s your artist’s statement and motivation for making films?

Temujin Doran: I made a few silly, short films when I was studying in Falmouth – it was mostly just for my friends and for fun, and I had no real ambition with them. But then I entered those films in a competition and managed to win.

Since living in London, I seem to be doing more film work than illustration – which is what I studied. That seems quite odd to me at times.

The film work I do is split between documentary work and storytelling. At the moment I don’t get many chances to do the latter, but I hope to do much more in the future. I also have an ever-expanding list of short documentary films I’d like to make in my spare time.

In terms of an artistic statement, I’m not sure I have one – but I do really like stories with sad endings.

maja@tnf: What’s the story behind the film of yours we featured? What was the inspiration for your film?

Temujin Doran: Ben and Andy got in touch with me completely out of the blue. They saw my film in the Vimeo Awards event in New York, and they asked me if I was interested in doing some documentary work for an expedition they were planning, and also whether I had any interest in the Arctic. At the time, I had just come back from a month-long artistic residency aboard a boat in Svalbard, in the High Arctic, and I really wanted to go back to a place like that. I tried to hide my abundant enthusiasm, and simply said ‘yes’.

The films I made for Ben and Andy were made to document the process leading up to the expedition, and to show how incredibly difficult and precise its initial stages had to be, not to mention the physical demands of the journey.

maja@tnf: A few details about your studies and/or workshops you attended:
Temujin Doran: I studied illustration in Falmouth, Cornwall. I work as an illustrator, and I also create music under the name “Studiocanoe”.
maja@tnf: Tell us about your forthcoming efforts:
Temujin Doran: I’ll be filming Ben’s expedition in the South Pole in 2012. I also want to finish a film which I shot during my residency at Svalbard – I’ve done nothing with this footage in nearly a year. Another video I want to make is a short documentary about falling in love. Maybe someday I’ll make a feature-length film – though whenever I’m asked about ideas for one, I hesitate to say, and usually deny having any?

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