new filmmaker Evan Houston: A Love Supreme

Evan Houston – A Love Supreme

the new filmmaker: What’s the story of your film?

Evan Houston: Recently released from prison, former high school basketball star Saul is hopeful to meet his daughter, Abigail, for the first time. When he learns that she is unaware of his existence, he struggles to decide what role he will now play in her life.

the new filmmaker: What inspired you?

Evan Houston: Prior to sitting down and writing the script for “A Love Supreme”, I was playing a lot of basketball at the court where we shot the movie. I would be out there for hours, either shooting hoops by myself or playing a pick up game with others, and I would have time to just think about all these ideas that eventually formed the basis for “A Love Supreme”. I thought about what it means to be a child’s father. There is so much responsibility to being a parent…you’re basically devoting the rest of your life to making sure your kid is okay. My Dad’s Dad was never really there for him, and it kind of inspired me how he took something that could have had a really negative impact on his life and decided that he would never do that to his kids. So, someone’s drive to make things right despite the past was a big inspiration for the story. For me, the main inspiration was the idea of two people sharing a chance encounter that has vastly different meanings for each individual. The moment that Saul shares with his daughter is something he has been hoping for, something he will never forget, but will Abigail? For her it is a fleeting moment with a stranger. These different levels of awareness and perception between people, between Saul and Abigail, Mary and Saul, the characters on the screen and the audience watching the film, is what I am most fascinated with and what I intended to explore when making the film.

the new filmmaker: What equipment do you shoot with?

Evan Houston: RED One Camera.

the new filmmaker: Film school or learning by doing?

Evan Houston: Film School is a great way to have contact with like-minded creative people and to have access to equipment that you can learn and play with. That being said: learn by doing, always.

the new filmmaker: Which filmmaker had the greatest influence your style?

Evan Houston: Spike Lee

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