new filmmaker Lewis Cater: Kodaline – All My Friends

Lewis Cater – Kodaline

the new filmmaker: What’s the story of your film?

Lewis Cater: The video is based around the concept of friendship, trust, morality and deceit. The video follows the life a young boy as he becomes astray by an older gang living on the block. They take him away from him younger friends, making him run tasks and teach him wrong-doings.

the new filmmaker: What inspired you?

Lewis Cater: I wanted to give a sense of reality, this scenario isn’t uncommon in some parts of London and I wanted to create awareness of that. Some of the set ups in this video were inspired by Spike Lee’s 1989 cult film ‘Do The Right Thing’, I am a huge Spike Lee fan and I love this film. It’s set in Brooklyn and there’s actually a very small part in the film, where the old drunk man from the neighbourhood asks a young boy to run to the store to get him a bottle of beer. This is kinda where my idea sprawn from. Bringing 80’s Brooklyn influence and applying it to modern day East- London.

the new filmmaker: What equipment do you shoot with?

Lewis Cater: This particular video was shot using a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D

the new filmmaker: Film school or learning by doing?

Lewis Cater: I am a graduate of the University of Lincoln with a BA Joint Hons in Film, Television and Journalism. However I have been shooting music videos for over 5 years, before University and after University.

the new filmmaker: Which filmmaker had the greatest influence your style?

Lewis Cater: Like I said previously, in this video particular, I took my influence from Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’.

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