Time Laps photography: Shape of Things to Come | 599 Productions

599 Productions shot this timelapse video using the Canon 5D Mark 2 using Canon and Zeiss ZF lenses.

599 Productions is a company based out of the Burbank, CA area which deals with shooting music videos that have a cinematic story to them, along with short films. They also rent out Red cameras to productions when it isn’t be used on one of their projects. Stock footage created by 599 Productions is currently being represented by Getty Images, Art Beats and Footage Bank.

thenewfilmmaker: Can you tell us how to shoot flicker-free? What were the settings and intervals?
599 Productions: Usually as long as you don’t close down the iris past 5.6 you won’t get flicker. Of course using lenses like the Zeiss ZFs help a lot because they have a manual iris and won’t cause flicker. All of these were shot in RAW and have intervals between 1 second to 15 seconds.
thenewfilmmaker: Can you tell us more about your setup?
599 Productions: I used the Canon TC-80N3 to control the 5D2 and use the Canon 24mm 1.4 mk2 along with the Zeiss ZFs lenses 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and a Nikon 80-200mm. I have also been using two 5D2s at the same time to double my shots while out on location.
thenewfilmmaker: How about the shutter speed?
599 Productions: For the star shots the shutter was openfor 15 seconds and theISO was set to 3200 for most of the star shots.
thenewfilmmaker: How about the Exposure?
599 Productions: I didn’t adjust the exposure at all. The stuff that looks like its going from night to day is being shot when the moon rises. The shots that look like they are going from day to night are being shots well after sunset but there’s just enough light in the sky to make it look like day time.
thenewfilmmaker: How about Zeiss lenses compared with Canon & Nikon?
599 Productions: The Zeiss lenses are built better than the Canon or Nikon lenses. The main thing they lack would be weather seal like the “L” lenses have. But optically I think they look better. If Ziess had a 24mm 1.4 lens I would be rocking that instead of the Canon 24mm 1.4.

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